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education holds the key to opportunity

FrancaisFrancaisRAIN believes that access to education is the key to build resilience to poverty. RAIN partners with nomadic rural communities. Rain for the Sahel and Sahara partners with rural and nomadic people of Niger to enable enduring livelihoods through access to education.

dependable programs in a land of extremes

         The Sahara and Sahel are famed for extreme climate and harsh conditions. Food shortages are a constant threat; floods and drought common, one doesn't know what the next year, next month, or next day will bring. RAIN strives to introduce agriculture suited to arid conditions, build programs that educate and are self sustaining, and encourage resilient system, that are there in times of scarcity.

partners in transformation - a community investment

"We work at the base; it is we Africans ourselves developing our communities.  How do we measure the results of our programs?  The success is in the engagement of the community, the benefits to the people helped, the long-term success of each garden, each program.”  - Abdouharamane Koini, former RAIN Agriculture Coordinator

All of our programs begin with community dialogue, and each one is headed by committees elected by the community. Everyone participates - parents, teachers, children - digging wells, planting gardens, and supporting schools. These grassroots programs foster ownership and investment in the programs to ensure success. 

a focus on women and girls 

The United Nations has declared that investment in the world's women and girls is the key to alleviating poverty, malnutrition, poor health and lack of education. RAIN agrees. We've been at the forefront of cultivating girls' education in West Africa and empowering women to spark transformation in their communities.

cultural preservation

RAIN believes in the right of indigenous nomadic people to preserve their traditional heritage, and our programs reflect these values - we work together to find new ways to support their families while still anchored in their own unique culture. 

Room to grow

There are hundreds of nomadic people ready to partner with us and asking for our help. RAIN chooses as our partner communities those that are among the poorest in Niger, West Africa who:

  • Receive little or no aid from outside sources
  • Have an active school with at least 100 students
  • Include nomadic people and other underserved populations
  • Have a core of parents committed to education

the future is now

From one person’s response to a great need, RAIN has grown to become an effective and trusted grassroots organization. We are regarded as the primary organization in nomadic regions of Niger that works consistently with the people to bring new opportunity. 

learn more

Watch From a Deep Well to learn more about RAIN and the nomads of Niger. 

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About RAIN

The Tuareg have sometimes been called "The Blue People," due to the indigo pigment in their traditional robes and turbans staining their skin a dark blue.
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