Staff (U.S. and Niger)

U.S. Staff


Katherine Kolios

Executive Director

As a global health and development professional, Katherine has over 5 years of interdisciplinary experience with international education, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, and malaria prevention. She joined RAIN with valuable experience living, working, and studying in Francophone communities throughout Africa, South America, and Europe. Katherine is a graduate of Brandeis University. She seeks to help others maximize their quality-of-life through education, empowerment to make healthy choices, and expansion of infrastructure. Katherine is the chief donor contact for Rain for the Sahel and Sahara and can be reached at


Jacob Dolan-Bath

Project and Communications Coordinator


Jacob graduated from Susquehanna University with a Major in Creative Writing and a minor in Editing and Publishing. He has a passion for youth work and community building. Jacob has over three years worth of experience in communication practices and working with children and adolescence. For the last couple of years Jacob has helped RAIN continue to bring its message and mission to those in New England and beyond.



Niamey Staff

Brian Nowak 

Niger Program Director

Brian obtained a B.A in Anthropology from and an M.A in Education. Brian's strong passion for Niger was first kindled as a BU exchange student. He is a certified elementary school teacher with five years of teaching experience in NYC public schools. Brian lives in an adobe, solar-powered house on the outskirts of Niamey. He taught at the American International School in Niamey and Study Abroad Program in Niger, and has consulted for Red Cross and Red Crescent, IRD, Plan Niger, and OXFAM. He has conducted research on urban street children, folk music, spirit possession, and pastoral communities. 


Salifu Kountche

Naimey Office Manager / Bookkeeper









Mohamed Djingo

Niger Representative / Evaluations Manager 

Gaston Kaba

RAIN Translator

Gaston has served as the Director of the Health Program with the Peace Corps, for which he has also been commissioned as a Language Instructor and Training Director. From 2001 to 2008 he implemented more than 60 development and humanitarian projects in the Sub Sahara region.  He has served as the Special Assistant to the Director of USAID/Niger in Policy and Programming; he has also served as Secretary General for the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology in Niamey, Niger.  He speaks English, French and Hausa. He's married with three children. 



Halima Aboubacar, Akhoud Mawala, Abdousalam Dourkari

Field Agents


Tamamoune Ahmed



Agadez Staff


Alhassane Aboubacar

 Agadez Learning Center Director






Djibrilla Mahamane and Azara Touma Touma Ibrahim 

Field Agent



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