The Agadez Learning Center Receives Generous Support from Partners

RAIN would like to recognize recent support for the Agadez Learning Center for nomadic students in Niger.

Friends of Niger engaged their supporters to raise $2,000 in addition to the III/IV Cohorts of former Niger Peace Corps volunteers, bringing another $1,000 towards scholarships for our nomadic students. The Portsmouth NH Chapter of Rotary International contributed a grant of $5,000 to expand the dormitories and kitchen to bring privacy, improve meal preparation and allow for a greater number of student residents. An individual grant of $20,000 is putting into motion a solar-powered computer lab to connect students with the world and learn valuable skills. Our friend Leonard Seagren of Portsmouth Rotary is in Agadez, working on the ground alongside the building crew as they make the additions and improvements to the center.

RAIN continues to be grateful for this outpouring of support of the Agadez Learning Center so that desert nomadic students may achieve their dream of completing secondary school to become active and educated citizens of Niger.

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The Tuareg have sometimes been called "The Blue People," due to the indigo pigment in their traditional robes and turbans staining their skin a dark blue.
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