Agadez District - Niger, Africa

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The largest region in Niger, Agadez covers some 394,000 square miles - 52% of Niger.  Almost all is the Sahara desert.  The Agadez region is the heart of Niger's nomadic homelands and is populated by approximately 500,000 widely dispersed people.

The nomadic people of Agadez are herders of goats, sheep and camels.  These animals are the basis of nomadic life - they provide the milk that is consumed at every meal.  The herding cultures are cherished for their unique music, art and culture and for their economic impact - the sale of these animals and animal products are Niger's fourth largest export, providing the funds to buy grains and other staples of daily life.

RAIN began our work here, traveling to towns, villages and nomadic encampments to learn of their hopes, dreams and unique challenges.


Our Work

Tuareg men from the Aïr region spend 5-7 months each year on camel caravans, traveling to Bilma for dates and salt, and then to Kano to trade them for millet and other foodstuffs, household tools, and luxury items such as spices, perfume, and cloth.
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