Education is Empowerment

Among the nomadic people only 15% of children attend school, and only 2% continue to secondary education. You are making these statistics obsolete. Access to education is complex. It is overcoming the 2 -10 mile daily walk to school, the tiredness that sets in from hunger and each of their family's view that education has little to offer a child of the desert. 

 More than 20 communities have made enormous progress in their path toward resiliency. There is much left to do to help these communities bring their RAIN programs to local ownership. And many others ask us to come to them. RAIN is generally the sole source of ongoing intervention in their remote rural and nomadic areas.  Your gifts have allowed us to develop deep relationships with our partner communities.  We are asking for you to join us in giving them the tools to give their children, like Hadjara, a voice. Our models work. Your gift to RAIN will give voices to mentors and students, women's cooperative enterprises and family gardeners. During this season of giving, please give generously to support the ongoing partnership between you, RAIN and the most needy. A chorus of new voices will thank you.


61% of people in Niger live on less than $2 a day.
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