Mariama “Tata”

Working Together to Build Autonomy

Mariama, known as Tata, lives in Ebrouk. For her first loan, Tata borrowed 15,000 CFA (a conservative amount) to buy and resell gas and biscuits. She bought both at a good price and quickly resold them at a profit. She had enough time to reinvest and double her profits before repaying her loan. In all, she earned 6,000 CFA, a 40% ROI – not bad for a first effort!

Tata celebrated her success by preparing dinner with meat for her family and neighbors. Tata reflects that for women in her community, they need to be able to rely on themselves to solve their families’ financial problems. She expressed hope that she can increase her business, taking larger loans in the future, and developing an ongoing trade.

Programs That Helped Tata