Success Stories

Amina’s Story

Amina is 11 years old. This year was her first year at RAIN’s Agadez Learning Center and this is the story of how she got there.

Amina was born in the village of Tagalalt, northwest of Tchirozérine. Amina’s father has passed away. Amina has two older brothers from her mom’s first marriage, an older sister with whom she shares a father, ...

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Help Keep Hawa in School

We’d like you to meet Hawa.

As a young girl, her family struggled to make ends meet. Despite financial hardships, Hawa was one of the lucky ones – she got to go to school. She loved elementary school and succeeded there.

Then, Hawa faced a major challenge.

Imagine being a 12-year-old, starting a new school in a new city, ...

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Zeinaba Builds a Home

Zeinaba, a widow from Iferouane Nord, was able to build a room for her house so she can sleep better protected from the weather. Previously, she was sleeping in a room constructed of straw. Zeinaba’s success has given hope to her neighbor, Tahid, who lost her home in flooding. Tahid has the land to build and just needs the funds to do it. ...

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Maka on Starting Her own Store

Maka received a loan from one of RAIN’s Savings & Loans groups. She used her loan to start her own store – in fact, it’s the first and only store in her community. Maka’s store sells tea, coffee, couscous, salt, batteries, soup, sardines, and more. This is an ambitious step above buying and reselling a few products. It’s good for Maka and her family and it’s also good for the community. ...

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Fatima on S&L Groups

“I’m very happy with what RAIN has brought to Etaghas, especially the Savings & Loans group which has helped the women here a lot with their needs – it helps them to feel safer and like it’s their money, they’re in control, they don’t have to go to someone else for help.”

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Salamata on Gardening in Nassile

…Before the arrival of RAIN in our village, I did not understand how to practice market gardening; but now I have a perfect knowledge of how to manage, namely the preparation of the soil, the transplanting, the maintenance of the crops, using the drip irrigation system etc… I sell a part of this production, offer social assistance to other people, ...

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