Success Stories

Fatima on S&L Groups

“I’m very happy with what RAIN has brought to Etaghas, especially the Savings & Loans group which has helped the women here a lot with their needs – it helps them to feel safer and like it’s their money, they’re in control, they don’t have to go to someone else for help.”

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Salamata on Gardening in Nassile

…Before the arrival of RAIN in our village, I did not understand how to practice market gardening; but now I have a perfect knowledge of how to manage, namely the preparation of the soil, the transplanting, the maintenance of the crops, using the drip irrigation system etc… I sell a part of this production, offer social assistance to other people, ...

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Hariatou’s Garden Supports her Family

Hariatou lives in Tagantassou and is an active gardener through RAIN’s Sustainable Agriculture initiative. As a widow, Hariatou is solely responsible for supporting herself and her children. She is deeply grateful for the opportunity to grow nutritious food for her family and to supplement her income through crop sales.

This year, she grew varied crops including cabbage, lettuce, ...

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Tinna Appreciates Community Solidarity

“I am happy to have benefited at the end of the year when we shared our savings and interest earned. I really enjoy getting together every week as a group. I also love to meet with our students every week to educate and teach them crafts that will help them to keep our culture alive. This is really a sign of solidarity. ...

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Zeinaba Finds Sisterhood

“I’m an older woman. I have only one daughter. She had two children before marrying… So now I take care of my two grandchildren for her. The children are too young to help me. I was living at the mercy of my own poverty and sometimes received help from do-gooders, giving me a little assistance from time to time. Thanks to two loans this past year, ...

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Tanalher Sees Generational Change

Tanalher, one of our mentors, reflects about the mentoring program and the value of education:

“RAIN’s school programs this year greatly helped our school. In their free time, I talk with my students about good hygiene and the importance of education. I also teach the girls I sponsor how to weave colored, palm frond hats and mats. If my parents had realized the importance of school for my generation, ...

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