We create opportunity
in Niger.

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Image of Tanalher Maman

RAIN supported my daughter when we had lost all hope. Through RAIN’s mentoring program, she learned to love her studies and she succeeded in earning her middle school diploma in June. The experience convinced her to continue her studies at Tagama High School in town.

I am emotional and can’t find the words to describe my feelings, I know that thanks to your initiative, my life has changed for the better. I was living without an objective, without a vision for the future, but now I’m fulfilled, full of vision and clarity. I am confident in the future.”

–Tanalher Maman

We partner with rural and nomadic communities in Niger.

In 2019, We Reached

11,000 Nigeriens
accessed safe water and nutritious food

228 Women
earned their own income

564 Students
attended elementary or middle school

Issoufou Succeeds Against the Odds

Issoufou’s family lives far from school. His village, Tchilizdag, has a struggling elementary school with rapid staff turnover and poor oversight. Many parents are frustrated — they are interested in sending their children to school, but there are few success stories. Even in this environment, Issoufou has succeeded academically. This is truly a testament to Issoufou’s desire to learn because he has also needed to overcome his physical handicaps – he has a hunchback and disabled left foot. …

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