Help Keep Hawa in School


We’d like you to meet Hawa.

As a young girl, her family struggled to make ends meet. Despite financial hardships, Hawa was one of the lucky ones – she got to go to school. She loved elementary school and succeeded there.

Then, Hawa faced a major challenge.

Imagine being a 12-year-old, starting a new school in a new city, where you don’t know anyone – alone and away from your friends and family. Being in an unfamiliar place was intimidating. Hawa was discouraged and                           considered dropping out.

She says, “Luckily, I was enrolled in RAIN’s mentoring program. Otherwise I’d be with the other girls my age in my village – not in school, or even married to some stranger. With the support and guidance of my mentor, I was encouraged and motivated to continue my studies and to succeed – even when it felt difficult.”

More than half of Nigerien students drop out after elementary school – because for rural and nomadic students, there are NO local middle schools. Through your support and RAIN’s programs, Hawa was able to enroll and succeed in middle school.

Your 2020 gifts made it possible for Hawa to stay in school.

Please consider renewing or increasing your gift so that Hawa and other students like her will have the resources they need to graduate, granting them a future full of possibilities, not barriers.

And Thank You!

Programs That Helped Hawa