Hunger Relief for Nomadic Herders

Niger is an arid land subject to drought, which has worsened over the past decade. Rainfall has become more erratic, causing widespread crop failures and food shortages. In Niger, it rains only from June to September. Last year’s rains were too sporadic to support the growth of crops or pasture. Hunger is severe.

While large aid organizations are distributing food from central points in the country, this food does not reach distant nomadic populations. Nomads are dependent upon their herd animals to provide milk, their dietary staple, as well as cheese and meat to eat or sell. RAIN seeks to help those not receiving aid, and to concentrate upon providing animal feed — by keeping herd animals alive we are meeting people’s immediate need for nourishment as well as their future access to food and livelihoods.

You can help by supporting RAIN’s Hunger Relief for Nomads campaign on as part of their Sahel Relief Fund effort.

The goal of our Hunger Relief for Nomads campaign is to provide emergency relief to nomadic people in Niger, while at the same time supporting the animals that are their sole source of food and income. 

“It took me three days to get to the RAIN office. I had gone far into the bush searching for food for my goats and camels. It was hard for me to leave them but, to live, we need food for our dying animals.”  – Herder Sidi Ahmed, Cheif of Gougaram, May 2012

Now is the time to lend your support as this crisis unfolds in the Sahel. Donate, share with your friends, or start a fundraiser of your own on GlobalGiving!  

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