Your Contribution Counts Even More on October 9

Tomorrow, the good folks at are matching your donations to our projects 30%… If you’ve been intrigued by our new Learning Center in Agadez, now’s a great time to make your contribution count even more!

The literacy rate of rural Niger is less than 15%, and girls especially face daunting challenges to staying in school, dropping out before the 4th grade. Most desert rural children are nomadic and must live at school while their parents search for pastureland. Their communities are hundreds of miles away from secondary schools, so even if a child successfully graduates primary school there is no opportunity to go on. Extreme poverty and hardships from droughts compound obstacles to education.

Rural students find a new opportunity at our learning center. Located in the Niger city of Agadez, the center and dormitory houses primarily female students. They live, study and receive tuition, meals, and tutoring. Now in its first year, RAIN plans to bring in more underserved elementary students from remote communities each year. Plans include a mentoring program, practical skills training, a resource center and more.

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