Dining for Women Newest Partner to Bring LEGS to Agadez

Learning & Earning Groups (LEGS) entail an array of programs working together to empower girls and women through education and new livelihoods. RAIN is excited to announce a new two-year partnership with Dining For Women to bring LEGS to five nomadic communities in the Agadez region.

Goals of LEGS programs:

  • Teaching local women the advantages of education, later marriage, smaller families, hygiene and gender roles so they may effectively counsel and advocate for at-risk girls. 
  • Offering girls traditional skills classes that enhance the attraction of school for parents and offer the students possible future incomes.
  • Increase the number of girls attending school each year. 
  • Initiate Savings and Loan groups and goat herding programs for mentors to both support their mentoring activities and support their families through improved livelihoods.

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Dining for Women engages thousands of women worldwide to come together in mutual learning and support of programs that elevate girls and women. Their grassroots approach encompasses a comprehensive education component to raise knowledge and awareness. Visit www.diningforwomen.org.