Student Sponsorship Campaign

For the first time, we are offering our donors the opportunity to support an individual student as she or he follows a path to a better life. Sponsoring a RAIN student gives a motivated, talented young person in the world’s poorest country the opportunity to succeed against the odds. Children of rural and nomadic communities in Niger have few options when it comes to education. In the Niger bush only 1-2% of students continue past the sixth grade. Many of these children are motivated to further their educations, but there are no middle schools anywhere near their homes. RAIN is gathering dedicated students who show promise in primary school to come to the Agadez Learning Center. The ALC provides students with room, board, tutors, mentors, and leadership training. Of the only 15% of rural children who attend school, on average girls complete only 3 years, while boys complete 4.

Your support fuels positive change in a young person’s life. Not only will you be supporting a noble cause, students will have a connection directly to you. Sponsors will receive letters from students to introduce themselves and tell you of her of his progress. Education is like a tree — a seed that grows and its roots reaching deep into the ground. Children are like seeds starting small and growing – but only if they are nourished both physically and intellectually.

 These students are the future and hope of Niger.  Rural girls and women are the most oppressed when it comes to education in Niger. Having more girls join RAIN’s center is important. Educated girls become women who grow local economies, give back to their families and communities and have healthier families with fewer children. RAIN’s mentoring program 22 communities helping 575 students, 78% of whom are girls, stay in school and succeed. Our goal is to bring more girls into the secondary school system through scholarships to the ALC.

Here are some of the students that you can sponsor, living at the Agadez Learning Center:

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