Making a Difference


It’s Annual Appeal time, when we count on your generosity to keep our mentors and girls learning and earning, to feed families with women’s gardens. If you’ve already donated we humbly thank you. If you haven’t there is still time! Please donate today – online or by sending your check
What Did RAIN Accomplish This Year?
  • At the primary school level 145 mentors are helping 450 girls and 125 at-risk boys to attend school and succeed there – we need to add 30 mentors this year so that 150 more girls can thrive in primary and middle schools.
  • There are 220 women in 3 garden cooperatives with wells that are growing crops organically, learning about vitamins and cooking with nutritious vegetables.
  • Fifteen communities continue to have access to water with RAIN wells – water that also improves food security through garden irrigation.
  • Savings and Loan groups are the next step to financial independence for mentors and other women in our partner communities. We chose the S&L model over micro finance because we feel it’s imperative that members invest their own funds. Once trained, mentors will not only run their own S&L groups, some will go on to become community trainers.