Strategic Plan Launch

Dear Friends,                                                                                                  

When RAIN’s stakeholders came together to write this strategic plan, the overwhelming feeling was that Niger was poised for significant investment and growth and that RAIN’s efforts should grow as well. In July 2023, the situation changed dramatically when members of Niger’s Presidential Guard led a coup to oust President Bazoum and halt military cooperation with France. While there has been no civilian violence and RAIN staff are safe, the coup and its aftermath have created new uncertainties for Niger. RAIN is closely monitoring the evolving situation and planning for various contingencies. For now, the 2023-2028 strategic plan remains valid although adjustments may be necessary.  

While we do not know what is in store for Niger, there are 3 things we are sure of: 

Need will increase. 

With border closures, regional sanctions, and external aid cuts it is inevitable that education and agricultural extension services will be impacted and that maintaining livelihoods will be more difficult. RAIN’s programs and targeted support will be more important than ever.  

RAIN is uniquely well-positioned to meet this moment. 

With 2+ decades of experience, a strong 100% Nigerien in-country leadership team, and no reliance on U.S. or other government funding, RAIN is ready to meet this critical moment. We believe that community-led development contributes to greater stability and peace and we intend to carry out our work as long as we can keep our team and partners safe.  

We remain committed to RAIN’s mission. 

RAIN’s focus on resilience is designed to create a solid foundation that enables communities to endure stressors and continue forging a path ahead, whatever the future holds. Continuing to stand with our partner communities is the most important thing we can do right now.  

With gratitude, 


Susan Fine, RAIN Board Chair          Katherine Kolios, RAIN Executive Director 

& the RAIN Team 

The 2023-2028 Strategic Plan