Fatima Attends the Agadez Learning Center


Fatima, a Tuareg girl from a small village east of Agadez, compares life at home with her experience at the Agadez Learning Center. She writes:

“My family lives simply: the women do the housework and drive our herds to the pasture. There is no mill, no electricity, no boreholes to easily find water.

In my new middle school, the most impressive things are the classrooms, offices, sports fields, and school uniforms. The Agadez Learning Center impressed me the most with its study programs, dormitories, the food, the various advisory supports, and the students of different ethnic groups from different areas of the country.

When I finish my studies, I would like to become a primary school teacher, to live and not depend on anyone, and help my little brothers and sisters in my village.”

Programs That Helped Fatima