Welcome to New ALC Students

The Agadez Learning Center (ALC) provides a place for 25 nomadic students to live, study and pursue their dreams of an education. the primary school graduates have no hopes to continue their studies as rural education does not go past grade 6.

In October, the ALC Director, Alhassene Aboubacar, too an arduous 10-day journey in the Air Mountains to recruit students for this years 7th grade class. He told communities about the unique opportunity the center offers to continue to secondary education.  Alhassene introduces himself and RAIN to the village chief, who calls a meeting for all the parents to attend. Alhassene discusses the rules and requirements of the ALC and offers a chance for the parents and students to ask questions. He passionately believes that “during the village meeting it is very important that each participant can express his or her opinion.” Listening carefully to the community members ensures that we select students who are committed to their studies, and whose parents understand the benefits offered by the ALC. The selected students begin 7th grade with the educational support that can take them all the way through college.