Agadez Learning Center

Annual Appeal

In 2016, we focused on bringing livelihoods to our mentors. Now, each woman receives a monthly stipend of $8.50 from RAIN. With Savings & Loan Groups and goat herds the women will earn more than the stipend. They will be empowered to continue their mentoring program through the years with no investment from RAIN except providing advice as needed.

At the primary school level 145 mentors are helping 450 girls and 125 at-risk boys to attend 23 village schools and succeed there – we need to add 30 mentors in 2017 year to enable 150 more girls to thrive in primary school – and go beyond to secondary school; …

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Welcome to New ALC Students

The Agadez Learning Center (ALC) provides a place for 25 nomadic students to live, study and pursue their dreams of an education. the primary school graduates have no hopes to continue their studies as rural education does not go past grade 6.

In October, the ALC Director, Alhassene Aboubacar, too an arduous 10-day journey in the Air Mountains to recruit students for this years 7th grade class. …

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Update from Bess in Agadez

Greetings from Agadez!

With apologies to New England friends, the weather here has been pleasant, and Brian and I have been working 24/7 as I enter my third week here, enjoying the sense of progress. I wanted to share a bit of what we’ve been up to with you – our friends and supporters.

We’re grateful to Jack Teeters, …

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2014 In Review

Together, we changed the lives of 4,000 people in Niger this year.
slated for 2015

  • Expansion of the Agadez Learning Center so more nomadic students can succeed in secondary school
  • Savings & Loan groups bringing financial opportunity to women
  • Women’s community gardens, increasing food security for rural families
  • Expansion of School Market Gardens
  • 140 mentors guiding 700 at-risk girls through primary school

We’re halfway to our Annual Appeal campaign goal of $30,000 – …

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Back to School in Niger: Let’s Make it Happen!

As September approaches, children throughout the world are getting ready to return to school – but few are as excited to return as the students we work with – children who call the most remote regions of Niger their home.

School is a monumental commitment for desert nomadic kids and their families. Going to class means they aren’t able to help their parents forge a living in the dry and dusty pastureland south of the Sahara. …

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Team Up With GlobalGiving for Girls’ Education

Team up with GlobalGiving to support RAIN’s work for girls’ education in Niger, and you may win JetBlue tickets, a flip cam, or a Nike messenger bag!

It’s easy: decide your goal amount, fundraise with friends and family throughout September, and make the dream of opportunity for girls in rural Niger possible! Prizes will be awarded to the top three fundraisers, …

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