Gifts for Good From the Girls in our Mentoring Program

Receive a special gift made by a girl in our mentoring program!

Girls in RAIN’s mentoring program receive health education counseling and life guidance – but they also learn valuable practical skills to develop future livelihoods, including embroidery and leatherwork.

Now through July 30, when you donate $25 or more, you’ll receive a hand-crafted leather item created and signed by one of the girls in our Mentoring program in Niger – …

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Hunger Relief for Nomadic Herders

Niger is an arid land subject to drought, which has worsened over the past decade. Rainfall has become more erratic, causing widespread crop failures and food shortages. In Niger, it rains only from June to September. Last year’s rains were too sporadic to support the growth of crops or pasture. Hunger is severe.

While large aid organizations are distributing food from central points in the country, …

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NYT: Niger Children Miss School to Search for Water

The New York Times recently featured this cover story about how the search for water in drought stricken Niger proves not only dangerous for rural children, but robs them of their chance to learn.

When installing a School Market Garden, RAIN ensures that if there is no working well close by, one is repaired or installed not only to provide irrigation to the garden, …

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Back to School in Niger: Nomadic Parents Struggle

 A dispatch from Bess in Agadez. 

Foudouk girls at the Agadez compound.

Right up the street from the RAIN Agadez office is a compound with a few run down adobe buildings.  It has been rented by the parents association from Foudouk to provide a place to live while they attend grades 6 – 12 in Agadez.   …

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